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We take a holistic approach to helping people prevent and reverse dis-ease. Allowing you to listen to your inner knowing and understand more about your health and wellbeing.


Natural Healing

As Healers we work with the life force energy which flows in and around living things to restore balance & harmony. This enables the physical body to heal itself and clears blockages and interferences. It is a natural energy from the universe which is there for everyone to benefit from. 



Our patterns stem from our deep-seated feelings which create our moods and personalities. To be able to release our feelings allows us to change our emotional state and restore balance and harmony in life.   

Our Services

Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners share a dedication to Dr Bach's ideals of simplicity and self-help. He believed in treating people as individuals. The most effective remedy is always one chosen for you personally. Your  practitioner will help you decide on the best remedy for how you currently feel. BFRP’s aim to teach you the remedies so that you will be able to help yourself and your family in the future although you can always call on your practitioner for help and guidance when needed.  

The consultation is your time to express your feelings confidentially. 

BFRP’s listen and select remedies that will help you to move forward. The remedies are safe, gentle and can be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine. They are being adopted throughout the world with success and great appreciation, changing the way we deal with our emotional state.


Holistic Counselling


Holistic Counselling is a natural therapy working with the life force energy of a person. The strain of everyday life can interfere with the natural rhythm of our bodies creating blockages. 

If you imagine that everything is energy, then you can understand that humans are energy too. Healing is a term used for any therapy that works with the life force energy which flows in and around the body to restore balance. This enables the physical body to heal itself and clears blockages and interferences. People may become conditioned through experiences in life, especially at a young age between 0-5 years. 

Burying a feeling only puts off the day you have to face it again. This is the start of a pattern which returns after some years and you either then release the feeling or bury it again. If the feeling remains buried it could then eventually manifest into an illness. 

A regular Holistic Counselling session would enable a person to release blockages allowing them to feel more balanced and in the flow of life. 

Dr Edward Bach


About Dr Bach

Dr Edward Bach qualified as an orthodox doctor in 1912. He went on to hold different posts; as a pathologist, bacteriologist, homeopath and after some years he became more interested in treating the person rather than the illness. He went on to develop and intuitively create a simple system of 38 plant and tree flower essence remedies that treated the moods and personality of a person. The remedies are made from flowers of plants and trees that are infused in water through sunlight. This then becomes the mother tincture that holds the life force and goes on to be the remedy that works with the body and buried feelings. 

A BFRP remedy mix is usually made up of between 1 to 6 remedies at any one time. Two drops of each remedy are mixed with a small amount of grape alcohol and spring water. Each personalised remedy lasts approximately three weeks. 


It is important to make sure that you take the remedy as prescribed by your BFRP and complete the course.


There are readymade remedy mixes available on the market one being the crisis formulae better known as ‘Rescue Remedy’ for accidents or traumatic circumstances. It does not take the place of medical attention although it alleviates the mental anguish. This crisis formula consists of five of the flower remedies that deal with shock, fear and panic, mental and physical tension, loss of control or hysteria and feeling of bemusement. It can be also be used for example to help nerves before exams, interview or driving test. 


About Practitioner


Craig Sutton BFRP

Based in Seaford, I became a qualified Healer with FSHG in 2008. 

My sessions are informal and a time for you to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst learning the ways to enrich and balance your life. My interest in alternative medicine led me to become a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and I can provide my clients with a truly holistic way of self-treatment and healing.

Enhanced DBS Certificate held.

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